Magnetic BowlPhish glass boards

Posted 2 years ago by BowlPhish

Sometimes the way to go is with a magnetic glass wipe board created by us, The Glass Wipe Board Company in Kent. This is one of our most popular products, which is no surprise, as no one makes them quite like we do. Not only does the magnetic finish add to the elegant practicality of a sleek BowlPhish glass wipe board but it allows for papers, notes, photos and pens to be firmly and neatly attached to the glass.

Our BowlPhish ‘Hidden‘ glass wipe board range of glossy magnetic glass wipe boards with hidden fixings look great in multiples to create seamless expansions of wall mounted glass that either blends in to your interior or stands out. They are also very easy to install with the help of our clear fixing instructions.

If you prefer your magnetic glass board to have fixings then why not choose our BowlPhish ‘Visible‘ glass wipe boards range since our elegant visible aluminium fixings only add to the quality and design.

By giving you two options, BowlPhish ‘Hidden’ or ‘Visible’ glass wipe boards, you can ensure we have the magnetic wall mounted glass writing boards you desire. Why not have a look and see which ones are the perfect style to fit with your needs and interior environment.

However, if you can’t have a wall mounted glass board we also manufacture freestanding magnetic glass dry wipe boards known as our FreeStyle collection. All three mobile products from our FreeStyle collection, One, Ultra and Up, have the option of a magnetic finish, leaving you with more choice than you know what to do with.

For some extra smart technology why not check out our Glass Captcha system which is the perfect accompaniment to your BowlPhish glass writing board. The Glass Captcha alone includes everything you’ll need to do more with your presentation than you ever dreamed possible, including live streaming. We even have our intelligent Glass Captcha package available which includes a BowlPhish glass dry wipe board of your choice plus the smart marker system. Glass Captcha allows you to capture, save, share, review, amend and print any information or images that have been written or drawn in your presentation on your BowlPhish glass board real time, with anyone, anywhere in the world. Your audience won’t need to photograph it on their mobile phones.

We not only do large scale magnetic glass writing boards but we also manufacture mini magnetic BowlPhish boards. These mini glass wipe boards fit to desk screens and are more stylish than a pin board and a lot more practical.

All magnetic BowlPhish glass dry wipe board options come in a range of sizes and in any one of our 24 inspiring colours or any bespoke colour or size you desire. They can also be branded or tailored to your needs such as to include a calendar or planner.

All of our BowlPhish glass wipe boards come with a lifetime surface guarantee and we’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with our products; we’re putting our money where our mouth is and offering a 60 day money back guarantee as well!

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