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Glass Protective Screen

Stylish, scuff-free and sustainable desk dividers and office partitions

Do you need to adapt your workspace to comply with social distancing rules, while still maintaining both the stylish and professional feel of your office? Are you preparing your staff to be able to safely return to the office - but you want to do so in a way that maintains both their wellbeing and team cohesion?

Plastic-free stylish screen solution

Here at The Glass Wipe Board Company, we believe you shouldn’t have to put up with protective screens which quickly get drab, tatty or scuffed, and that they shouldn’t make your staff feel like they are working in a confined cubical - cut off from their colleagues.

We’re experts in glass and we have experience working for over 10 years with clients including Google, BBC and DHL to create both practical, stylish and creative office workspace solutions. As a result, we know how much the design of your work environment can affect both team productivity and the professional impression of your brand.

Light, airy feel and easy to clean

Our new Glass Protective Screens range provides light, airy and professional-looking office partition and desk divider solutions. Our glass solutions are easy to clean - making it more hygienic and always looking smart, bright and clear – and our lifetime surface quality means you’ll never have to put up with the effect of scuff and scrapes making your social distancing screens look tatty and unprofessional.

Available in a choice of desk mounted or freestanding options, our screens can be used as fixed sneeze guards to make staff feel secure, or mobile glass partition walls to designate areas and walkways. Plus, the ability to write (and remove) messages on them means your team can always be up to date on the latest guidance. We also offer a product option featuring pre-cut temperature testing holes for safe screening.

Environmentally friendly and reliable supply chain

All our freestanding office partitioning and desk screen dividers are manufactured in-house to the highest quality in our dedicated facility, and all our glass is toughened and certified to BS EN 12150. Our UK manufacture and membership of the Made In Britain campaign ensures a reliable supply chain, eco-friendly packaging and processes, and excellent customer service.

What’s more, our glass is an environmentally sustainable material and offers a greater return on investment compared to plastic office partitioning screens – as if you no longer need them as office partitions, you can use them as glass whiteboards.

A repurposable long term investment

So, if you are looking for a superior, sustainable, and safe office partitioning solution which your staff and clients will love, then we are here to help.  Simply give us a call on 0203 1504695, use our Contact Us page or drop to discuss your social distancing requirements.

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What Our Clients Say

  • We have purchased several boards which are by far the best available. The company is great to deal with, very professional, friendly staff nothing is ever to much trouble. cannot say enough good things about the Glass Wipe Board Company.

    Ali, Stowe School
  • I was looking at a solution for Glass wipeboards for our Head Office where during brainstorming colleagues to write on the walls etc.
    We initially hired a contractor to paint the walls white but this does work when we wiped the marker pen away it left a residue.

    I then had a look on the internet for another solution and found The Glass Wipe Board Company and sent them the measurements of the glass wipeboards i required and once paid they were received in a couple of weeks and installed pretty easy and the office now looks fab and colleagues around the business have all commented the wipeboards look great, easy to fix and install and also easy to maintain.

  • Woodhaven Space and our clients are absolutely delighted with our Blue and white Glass Wipe board from The Glass Wipe Board Company, another fabulous British company - entrepreneurial like us and an absolute pleasure to do business with, exemplary customer service and a fabulous product thank you we have recommended you too !