BowlPhish Bespoke

Our tailored glass wipe boards

Bespoke glass wipe boards

At The Glass Wipe Board Company we appreciate how important it is to give the customer choice and options for that perfect result. We can apply your own branding to your BowlPhish glass writing board, incorporate bespoke planners, or make a specific size to exactly fit your office. We can even apply your own design. Whatever you need, just let us know!

Product Options

BowlPhish Bespoke

Our bespoke service allows you to design your glass wipe board to your exact specification. 

We offer bespoke sizes, colours, branding, graphics and planners.

Double Sided
BowlPhish Bespoke

Pricing and availability

Fill in the details below and we'll let you know the price for your BowlPhish Bespoke and how quickly we can deliver it!

Choose YourColour

With 24 exciting shades to choose from, we are sure you'll find the perfect colour for your glass wipe board, but if you want another shade, don't worry we can match almost any colour at a little extra cost!

Great White
Dolls House
Barely There
Barely Blue
Mossy Bank
Coral Reef
Forest Mist
Charcoal Smudge
Vintage Cream
Lemon Sorbet
In the Buff
Statue Grey
Camels Hump
Sunshine Yellow
Kiki Pink
Caribbean Turquoise
Stone Cement
Baby Dove
Silver Surf
Sub Lime
Terry's Orange
Pillar Box