Your Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked glass
wipe board questions

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What satisfaction guarantees do I have?

We are so sure you will be delighted with your board, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee (on individual non-bespoke boards – if multiple boards are required, it is best to order just one to approve before all are ordered) in addition to our lifetime surface guarantee.

How will I know when my board will arrive?

We try to deliver by our own drivers when it makes financial and environmental sense, but either way our team will keep you informed to ensure that your delivery slot suits you.

How do I know I will be getting a genuine BowlPhish glass wipe board?

You can only get BowlPhish boards from The Glass Wipe Board Company and if you look carefully you will see the BowlPhish logo discreetly hidden at the bottom of your board.

BowlPhish boards aren’t the cheapest on the market – how do I know they are worth the extra cost?

BowlPhish boards cannot be compared to cheaper inferior imported products. We make all our BowlPhish boards to order, in the UK, with the closest attention to detail. Using only the best ingredients we carefully check every stage.

Is there someone I can speak to if I have a problem?

Of course, unlike many online suppliers, we are always here to help with queries or advice, Monday to Thursday 9am - 5.30pm and Friday 9am - 5pm.

How safe are your glass writing boards?

The glass is toughened and complies to BS EN 12150, so is safe enough for even children to use.

We would really like a glass wipe board to match our corporate colour, can you do that?

Yes, we can make to any colour, just give us a RAL or Pantone number – or we can even match to paint swatches!

What is the largest size you make?

It depends on your particular area and shape needed to be covered, just call us on 0800 028 9560 for advice. A great solution for larger areas or complete walls is to use multiple adjoining boards with our BowlPhish Hidden option.

I can’t find the exact dimensions I need on your table of sizes, can you help?

Of course, we manufacture our BowlPhish boards here in the UK and can make to any dimensions to suit you, just let us know.

I have an awkward space around a structural support, can you cut to fit a shape?

Yes, if you give us an accurate template to cut to, we can do this before the glass is toughened, at a small additional cost.

Can I use fridge magnets on the magnetic writing boards?

Ordinary fridge magnets are not strong enough to work on our glass wipe boards, but we offer a range of strong magnets, protected to prevent scratching, specially made for the job.

How do I install my glass wipe board and do I need any special tools?

Our BowlPhish boards are really easy to install and come with clear fixing instructions (and template for boards with aluminium fixings). All you need are suitable screws for your particular wall, spirit level, drill and screwdriver.