Glass Wipe Boards

Mobile, free-standing glass
whiteboards with landscape
and portrait options

Free-Standing Boards

Our stylish, double sided, free-standing portable whiteboard range brings convenience and versatility to any meeting, in any location.

If your office or workspace lacks suitable permanent wall space, or you’re looking for a mobile whiteboard that can move around your building to any meeting room or presentation – then our free-standing glass wipe board range is for you.

The manoeuvrability of this portable glass whiteboard allows you to create dynamic or intimate breakout spaces, hold meetings anywhere at any time, and always have a space for inspiration. Our mobile whiteboard range can even be used to create room partitions – while still allowing teams on both sides to share ideas, plan processes or magnetically ‘pin’ notes on this double-sided whiteboard.

The beauty of a mobile glass board is that you don’t need any wall space – so there are no limits where your rolling whiteboard can’t go. This allows for great agile working; taking your notes with you on this dynamic glass writing board with a stand.

Our ‘Freestyle’ free-standing whiteboard range comes in both landscape orientation, with our Freestyle Ultra model, or portrait orientation with our Freestyle Up model. Both our mobile glass whiteboard options are magnetic and can be customised with your choice of graphics or logos - meaning you’ll always make a great impression.

Combining sleek elegance with strong and robust manufacture, you can count on the design of our glass whiteboard on wheels to always be ready for action. And when they are not in use, your mobile glass board tucks neatly away, or multiple boards can be stacked together to maximise space.   

Product Options

FreeStyle Ultra

With its horizontal orientation, our FreeStyle Ultra model is the perfect mobile glass dry erase board if you’re looking for a large space to capture lots of big ideas. Available in your choice of size and colour, while also being magnetic and double-sided. This board is also your ideal option if you’re looking for a mobile clear glass whiteboard solution – as it's also available in a transparent glass option.

Ultra-practical and versatile, this elegant yet robust board will help you brings your ideas to life - in style and in any location.  

Double Sided
Horizontal mobile whiteboard
Vertical mobile whiteboard

FreeStyle Up

With its portrait orientation, our FreeStyle Up is slim and sleek mobile glass writing board – fitting into any corner of your office or workspace with ease, but always ready to make a big impression and capture big plans. Its magnetic, double-sided and versatile design allows you to effortlessly capture and ‘pin’ notes from top to bottom; in whichever meeting room, event, or light-bulb moment they may occur.

If you’re looking for an agile yet dependable mobile magnetic glass whiteboard that’s always ready to spring into action – then the FreeStyle Up is the glass wipe board for you.  

Double Sided

Choose Your Colour

Our glass wipe boards are available, as standard, in a choice of different 24 colours. We can also colour match on request – allowing you to personalise your board in brand or office colours. 

Great White
Dolls House
Barely There
Barely Blue
Mossy Bank
Coral Reef
Forest Mist
Charcoal Smudge
Vintage Cream
Lemon Sorbet
In the Buff
Statue Grey
Camels Hump
Sunshine Yellow
Kiki Pink
Caribbean Turquoise
Stone Cement
Baby Dove
Sub Lime
Terry's Orange
Pillar Box

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What Our Clients Say

  • We have purchased several boards which are by far the best available. The company is great to deal with, very professional, friendly staff nothing is ever to much trouble. cannot say enough good things about the Glass Wipe Board Company.

    Ali, Stowe School
  • I was looking at a solution for Glass wipeboards for our Head Office where during brainstorming colleagues to write on the walls etc.
    We initially hired a contractor to paint the walls white but this does work when we wiped the marker pen away it left a residue.

    I then had a look on the internet for another solution and found The Glass Wipe Board Company and sent them the measurements of the glass wipeboards i required and once paid they were received in a couple of weeks and installed pretty easy and the office now looks fab and colleagues around the business have all commented the wipeboards look great, easy to fix and install and also easy to maintain.

  • Woodhaven Space and our clients are absolutely delighted with our Blue and white Glass Wipe board from The Glass Wipe Board Company, another fabulous British company - entrepreneurial like us and an absolute pleasure to do business with, exemplary customer service and a fabulous product thank you we have recommended you too !