Our magnetic
glass wipe boards

Magnetic and non-magnetic
options available

Our magnetic glass wipe boards 

The benefit of our magnetic glass boards is that not only do they provide a superior writing surface, but they also provide a space to ‘pin’ all sorts of notes and documents. Whether you’re looking to visualise processes, plan workflows, or simply store important documents – a glass magnetic whiteboard from us stylishly and effortlessly allows it all.

As a leading UK magnetic glass board manufacturer, we specialise in finding you the perfect solution from our wall-mounted and free-standing range - whether you need a magnetic glass dry wipe board for your office, a meeting room, dynamic workspace or to create a lasting impression at an event or conference.

Find your perfect magnetic glass whiteboard

Whatever bespoke colour or size you choose – all our boards come with the option of being a magnetic writing board. Whether you’re choosing from our wall-mounted magnetic whiteboard range or prefer a portable freestanding and frameless magnetic whiteboard – we’ve got the perfect magnetic whiteboard solution for your needs.

The only board in our range which cannot be made magnetic is our clear and opaque options – however, we do offer a ‘natural white’ colour option which creates a similar effect.

Equally, if you prefer your whiteboard not to be magnetic – this is also possible, and we can customise your glass boards to your exact requirements.

Choose the perfect magnetic accessories

We also offer a magnetic accessory range featuring a huge variety of different styles, colours and shapes of magnets to accompany your glass magnetic board - further allowing you to categorise and manage your documents and notes in style and with ease.

Many of our pens also include the functionality to magnetically attached to your board – meaning you never have to worry about losing them, while also ensuring your magnetic glass whiteboard always stays tidy, presentable, and ready for action.

  • Deloitte
  • Samsung
  • HSBC
  • Microsoft
  • BBC
  • Siemens