3 Ways to Brand your Video Calls

Posted 4 months ago by BowlPhish

The transition to home office was abrupt and immediate, forcing many people to quickly learn how to go about their normal working day via video calls.

As the backdrop of a video call for the majority of those working from home will be similar, learning ways we can create a tailored experience for customers is crucial. Having the ability to ‘stand out’ as professional, creative and attentive to your new and existing customer and clients against your competitors, can make a great difference.

So, how do we create an inspiring and intriguing background to our video calls?

We have a few different ways that you can implement changes within your home office to improve the backdrop in your video calls.

Products & Props

Quite an obvious yet effective way you can enhance your background is through including your products. An artist that hangs their artwork, or a florist with flower arrangements in the background of their call can provide their client with an aesthetically pleasing backdrop, whilst also showcasing their abilities and skills.

You can boost the use of your products within the background by also using props. A photographer, for example, can pin their images on the wall behind them and include their cameras, tripods or lighting equipment and by using these as accessories strengthens the look and feel of their video calls.

Certificates & Awards

Working within an area such as construction can limit you in terms of product and props that are available to be advertise during your video calls (as we wouldn’t recommend hanging your drills and hammers!)

In a field where displaying products and props aren’t applicable, another option to consider is your credentials. Allowing your clients and customer to see your certificates, awards and degrees you have earnt, showing your level of skill, can inspire trust and confidence. 


Including your company branding, colours and logos, can help you stand out from your competitors. Imagery of your advertisements, products with the company logos on and colour co-ordinated clothing are all ways you can establish yourself and your company immediately. 

What's the alternative?

If you are somebody who is unable to have products, props, certification or branding within your video calls, we have a way that you can look just as professional! Our new Home Office Package features a WallMounted glass wipe board that can be placed within the backdrop of your calls, allowing you to create a home office space which promotes both productivity and wellbeing. 

As our WallMounted board comes magnetic as standard, you have the ability to magnetically ‘pin’ everything you need to create your bespoke backdrop. Our Home Office Package can also be tailored to you, featuring your customer company colours and bespoke logos.

To find out more about our Home Office Package, contact our sales team on 01303 674364 or email us at sales@theglasswipeboardcompany.com

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