Operational Procedure

How we are managing the risk
of COVID-19 at work

Updated Operational Procedure

In compliance with the government’s guidelines for managing the risk of COVID-19 at work

The safety and well-being of our clients, partners, staff, and their families is our upmost priority. Therefore, following a thorough review and test period, we are pleased to share below the details of our updated operational procedure. We are also pleased to share our ‘5 steps to safer working together’ certificate. 

New Office Layout and Protective Screen Setup (Office Staff)

Following the introduction of our new glass protective screen product, we have been able to redesign the layout of our office and desk set up to ensure all sales, marketing and office staff are able to safely return to the office while maintaining the guideline 2meter distance at all time. This applies both while staff are at their desk, moving around the office, and in walkways and common areas.

In addition to this, we conduct temperature and oxygen level testing at both the beginning and end of the day. All office staff have their own dedicated stationery and crockery and have been briefed to follow public guidelines on social distancing and hand washing.   

New Shift Patterns and Buddy System (Operational and Manufacturing Staff)

Operational and manufacturing staff will be moving from a single to two shifts per day pattern with a clear change-over period, in order to both allow adequate social distancing and to reduce contact and minimise cross contamination between teams.   

For times in which staff are required to come in close contact when required to lift or carry heavy items we have implemented a buddy system – meaning we can minimise and contain any unavoidable close contact. 

Designated Routes,  walkways and use of public areas

Throughout our office, manufacturing and delivery areas we have installed signage indicating designated routes for movement to minimise close contact in walkways and communal areas.

We have also allocated set toilets to specific teams and marked shared and/or soft seating areas out of bounds. All staff have been briefed to clean down their area after use with suitable products provided, as well as the daily cleaning procedure.

PPE and Staff Health Reviews

All staff will be provided with additional personal protective equipment to be worn while working. This will include gloves and face shields – in addition to the standard safety gear requirements for their jobs – as well as being provided with personal storage areas in which to store their cleaned and sanitised PPE.

Staff will also be asked to participate in a regular health survey, temperature review and oxygen level review. This is to preemptively identify any individuals at risk and reduce unnecessary exposure.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff for their continued cooperation.

Further information of our updated procedure for the delivery of clients’ orders will be supplied on confirmation of completed orders.

We thank all our clients in advance for their cooperation.

For any further enquiries, please feel free to contact our team via sales@theglasswipeboardcompany.com