VOC Audit 2019

Posted 1 year ago by BowlPhish

Water-Based Paint and Volatile Organic Compounds Reduction

Earlier this year, we started using water-based paint as part of our glass wipe board production, embracing environmental sustainability even more. The introduction of water-based paint will help us reduce and remove harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and will also help us to reach our environmental business compliance target, whilst still delivering the same high quality glass wipe boards.

Innovative Spray Gun Cleaner

At the same time as moving from acid cat to water-based paint, we also invested into an innovative spray gun cleaner, Safe SolventsMonsoon Pro Air, a revolutionary spray gun cleaner. It’s driven completely by air and has no requirement for extraction or ventilation. Even better: the Advanced Gun Wash Solution (AGWS) is rated as minimal VOC at only 6.5%.

But, what are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals that are emitted as gasses, causing damage to human health and the ozone. These VOC’s compounds are found in many products, aerosols, thinners, oil based paint, nail polish, paint stripper, commercial solvents, leather treatments, pesticides, to only name a few.

Is water-based paint really helping reduce our VOC rates?

Recently a VOC audit was conducted, to see if potential environmental gains obtained from the replacement of Acid Catalysed Glass coatings with Water Based alternatives were possible.

Audit History:

The Glass Wipe Board Company made the decision to reduce our levels of solvent emissions by adopting water based alternatives where possible.

Following successful trials in 2018 and the installation of drying systems, Intercoat reviewed our decision and provided us with an indication of the level of VOC reduction we have achieved.

The Audit Results:

These are based on a comparison to purchases back in 2018 and the outcome/the gains we had from a move to water-based products surprised even us!

We have achieved a VOC REDUCTION OF 85.35% - an outstanding achievement, that shows that we are implementing the right means in order to be the sustainable and eco-friendly business we want to be!