The Promo Opportunity You're Missing In Your Video Calls

Posted 1 week ago by BowlPhish

Business has well and truly gone digital! Video and conference calls are right up there as the new common place way of communicating with not only our teams, but also our suppliers, and more significantly our clients and customers too!

There is no denying that businesses had to react fast and adapt quickly to this new way of working – and other people's homes quickly became the backdrop to our day-to-day work life. It was a stark contrast to the smart and professional offices we’re used to associating with our clients and suppliers.

At the beginning of lockdown we had no choice but to make our homes the backdrop to business – but as working from home looks to become the ‘new normal’ for many businesses, is it time we paused and made a more conscious decision of the impression we want to make when on video calls?

There’s no escaping the fact that first impressions do matter. Otherwise why would businesses spend so much money on making our ‘traditional’ offices look so professional, stylish, cutting-edge, creative, trendy - or whatever image or perception we’re aiming to portray about our business and our brand through our choice of work environment? Brand is far more than just a logo or key colour – it is everything unsaid in all the ways we communicate and has a big part to play in how we subconsciously make our clients think and feel.

Surely this space-brand consideration now naturally extends to the new ‘space’ in which we are inviting clients; the video call from our home office!

So how and what can we do make the best possible impression to clients on these calls?

Well a consideration for what's behind you in your work environment during your Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Team's calls are key. It goes without saying that it needs to look smart, presentable and professional. But there are also opportunities to go further – and really say something about what you do and what your brand stands for, through your choice of what you decide to display.  

We've probably all experienced a few of these on our conference calls;

The space behind you is prime real estate for you to be actively promoting your business – be that by displaying your logo, or showcasing qualifications, awards or tools of your trade. You could even go as far as displaying an eye-catching piece of artwork – providing both a visual stimulus and providing a great talking point.

And best of all – this new space to promote your business – comes with free and instant access!

Here at The Glass Wipe Board company we’ve introduced two options to help you make the most of the opportunity to professionalise and brand your home office space ... and ultimately to make more sales.  

Our new Home Office package - including a compact version of our most popular and classic WallMounted whiteboard – is perfect to create an inspiring home office that looks both smart and professional, for you and your remote working teams. As this board comes as magnetic as standard, there is infinite opportunity to magnetically ‘pin’ those items which visually tell your brand story – or alternative to write informative, creative or inspiring brand messages on your board.

As a specialist glass wipe board supplier, with our own in-house manufacturing facility, we also specialise is bespoke and printed whiteboards. If you have a team of remote working sales professionals – imagine the brand potential of providing them all with boards featuring your logo for when they speak with clients? Or maybe if you’re a creative business, what a great impression you could create by featuring a high-quality printed image of your work or wow-ing clients with an inspiring piece of design behind your team members during their video calls. 

Yes – things have and do continue to change. But this really is a great time for innovation – and as the economy begins its return, brand and relationships have never been more important. Remote working, the home office, and video calls look sure to stay. The question is - how will you make the most of this new opportunity?

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