Protective Screens: A Workplace Essential

Posted 3 years ago by The Glass Wipe Board Company Team

As the government begins to encourage workforces to get back into the office, meeting the needs and demands of the modern day office environment is a new challenge facing many businesses.

Protective Screens – also known as sneeze guards – are becoming commonplace in workspaces, offering a future proof solution to protect employees, customers, and clients alike. Not only do they provide a physical barrier between staff and still offer a clear line of sight for collaboration, they also bring a range of other benefits.

Agile Working and Flexibility

One of the key benefits of protective screens is that you have full control over where they go in your office. Our mobile protective screens come on wheels as standard, meaning they can easily be moved around from day to day to suit the needs of your staff, while desk mounted screens provide a permanent fixed barrier so employees can feel comfortable sitting in their familiar surroundings.

Mobile and desk mounted protective screens can also be used together to provide an extra layer of safeguarding e.g. in meetings, breakout areas or to create private areas of the office.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning and hygiene have never been more important in the workplace. Glass screens are notoriously easier to clean than acrylic or Perspex and are easy and safe to use.

Due to being more durable, most off the shelf anti-bacterial cleaners are suitable to be used on glass screens, as well as a range of microfibre cloths or paper towels. Unlike Perspex or acrylic, using these products will not damage or scratch the glass and will leave them clean and ready for use time and time again.

Maintains a Light and Airy Atmosphere

Implementing protective screens in the office doesn’t mean going back to an 80’s style cubicle. All of our screens are transparent meaning that clear line of sights is still maintained, and employees and customer are still able to see one another and interact or engage effectively.

Clear screens also help keep offices light and airy without feeling ‘boxed in’ or making staff feel trapped, allowing you to still achieve a modern open plan office feel with an extra layer of protection.

Protection for Employees & Customers

There’s no sign of the government changing their guidelines on social distancing, so implementing sneeze guards is not likely to be just a temporary solution. It’s critical that your employees feel confident and safe knowing their health is being protected – which is exactly what protective screens do.

They add another layer of security and act as a physical barrier to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from one person to another. Whether you’re working in a office. hospital, university - there’s a huge range of screens to suit your space.

At the Glass Wipe Board Company, we’re passionate about sustainability, making eco friendly choices and protecting our environment. Our policies as a business are constantly evolving to ensure we’re able to help our clients create an environmentally friendly workspace delivered using recyclable materials and with sustainability in mind.

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