New spray cleaner for glass boards

Posted 4 years ago by BowlPhish

The Glass Wipe Board Company is proud to announce its new and improved spray cleaner for glass wipe boards.

You’ll notice we have moved away from an aerosol to an environment friendlier pump action spray. The contents are just as powerful as our previous cleaner, but this is now biodegradable. This will come as no surprise to those of you who know how passionate we are about the environment, as we always strive to better ourselves and our products, without costing the earth.

Our new spray cleaner is perfect on every one of our BowlPhish glass drywipe boards, from our most popular coloured magnetic glass writing board with hidden fixings (don’t you just love that cleaning swoosh, spray and wipe, with no interruption of fixings, from end to end, corner to corner!) to our freestanding FreeStyle One and FreeStyle Utra ranges. The cleaner loves a massive expanse of adjoining boards as much as our handy little ‘mini’ desk screen accessory.

If you share our environmental views, you’ll love this too. If that aspect is not important to you, then you’ll just love the good old cleaning power at the same old price in a smart new pump action bottle.

To try our new spray cleaner for your glass wipe board, either order online or call us on 01303 266200.