Never a Better Time to Support Local

Posted 1 week ago by BowlPhish

There is no denying the fact that the UK economy will be facing a rocky road over the coming months – yet with every cloud there is always a silver lining.

Many UK based businesses may have taken a short term hit in recent weeks, yet for those that can weather the storm there are likely to be new opportunities emerge. Companies are reviewing their supply chain management, according to the Construction Performance Index Survey:

“62% state that they will revisit supply chain and look for more locally produced products in future.”

Despite the relaxations in lockdown restrictions allowing certain key sectors to return to work, the next challenge will be in re-establishing reliable supply chains – especially for those who may previously have imported materials and products from abroad. With ongoing international restrictions and inconsistent, unreliable deliveries, many may now need to look to more local providers.

Campaigns such as Made in Britain are great champions for the benefits of local supply chains – not just in unusual circumstances such as these. The Glass Wipe Board Company have been proud members of this campaign for many years now – and we are excited to be a part of what will hopefully be the opportunity for more local and UK based businesses to flourish in light of the ‘new normal’.

What’s more, the benefits of establishing a local supply chain doesn’t just mean more reliable and safe supplies – it also has a huge benefit to the environment. Supporting our UK clients in minimising their carbon footprint has been an ongoing mission for us – one we’ve achieved not only by supplying quality whiteboards which are made right here in the UK in our dedicated manufacturing facility - but by also ensuring we’re continually investing in making our processes more sustainable and eco-friendly.  

Despite the uncertainty and many anticipated challenges ahead, we’re excited for the potential that new ways of working may bring in establishing an ever stronger local supply chain network – one which both supports the regrowth of the UK economy while also continuing to support the bounce-back we’ve seeing at a global environmental level during the lockdown period.

We believe it is possible to have a healthy economy while also doing what's right for the environment - and we believe that really would be an amazing silver lining for us all to achieve together. If you would like to work with us in the future, give us a call on 01303 764 370 or email us on