Our New Breakout Area!

Posted 1 year ago by BowlPhish

The New Star In The Office!

With the way people are working, or sometimes are expected to work these days, it often means spending a lot of time at desks glued to computer screens. So what can be done to increase  an employee's welfare?

Recent statistics show that when installing stylish new coffee bars within companies, productivity and overall happiness for workers increased. The Glass Wipe Board Company has recently done just that! As part of creating an agile work environment we have created our very own breakout area called ‘The Destination'

The idea was to create a space that all employees, customers and visitors can enjoy.

Despite various different zones, created to enhance everybody's wellbeing, the star here clearly is the Tchibo coffee machine, which doesn’t offer your normal instant coffee, but a large variety of different types. Smokin' Bean is great tasting coffee that is simple, reliable and sustainable at the same time.

In ‘The Destination’ you can also get your hands on a selection of free fruit and nibbles too which according to Richard Greenwald professor of History at Fairfield University in Connecticut “companies need to give workers reasons to come to the office. So, free snacks, food, coffee is now the norm”

CEO Aaron Dewhurst is enjoying every single drop, as you can see and a happy boss means a happy workforce!