The Healthcare Sector

Posted 1 year ago by BowlPhish

Glass Wipe Boards in the Healthcare Sector

Hospitals have been using traditional whiteboards for patient rooms, nurse stations and critical care units for a number of years. While whiteboards can become worn and used even over a short period of time, BowlPhish Glass Wipe Boards offer a more durable and long-lasting alternative, which is also stain resistant. Our glass wipe boards are made from tempered safety glass and offer endless design and bespoke options.

We probably all agree that one of the busiest workplaces can be found in the healthcare sector, which can lead to problems with communication and organisation.

Tools that can help with those issues need to meet certain criteria and standards in a medical environment. A BowlPhish Glass Wipe Board will help to stay organised and make collaboration easier. 

Here are some benefits for using our glass wipe board within a medical facility:

BowlPhish Glass Wipe Board are the perfect solution in comparison to a typical whiteboard, as they provide a clean and professional look, allow for custom designs and logos, as well as different size and colour options. The streak-free and stain-free glass will keep the glass wipe boards looking fresh and new for their entire lifetime. We are so sure about the surface durability of the BowlPhish glass wipe boards, we offer a lifetime surface guarantee (T&Cs apply). Our Glass Wipe Boards and be wall-mounted, as well as freestanding. Either option will provide any medical facility with a clean and branded look.

We have been trusted by a number of companies. Here is a selection of healthcare providers, who chose glass wipe boards:

  • BowlPhish glass wipe boards are manufactured by us in the UK.
  • We deliver BowlPhish glass wipe boards ourselves.
  • Made from toughened safety glass.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Hygienic.
  • Easy to clean and keep clean.
  • No 'ghosted' ink mark retention.
  • All our glass wipe boards come with a Lifetime Surface Guarantee.
  • Simple yet stylish design that can lift the mood of patients, as well as employees, and others.