Glass Wipe Board in Dolls House

Posted 5 years ago by BowlPhish

Even our mini glass wipe board is not quite small enough to fit in a dolls house. But ‘Dolls House’ is one of our twenty-four BowlPhish glass wipe board colours. Inspired by dolls houses from our childhood (OK, maybe only if you’re a woman ‘of a certain age’, otherwise you’ve seen it in your mum’s photos or on Pinterest) this colour evokes warm thoughts and provides a cosy atmosphere in any environment. How nice then, when you’re at work, to feel at home in your surroundings.

Studies have shown that neutrals and softer hues in the workplace can be better for concentration and prevent eye fatigue. So Dolls House is a shade which could help to do just that. No one in the office could take exception to Dolls House, just a shade off white. Not as stark as white, yet never drab or dreary. And after all, many of our customers want to draw attention to what’s on the glass board than the colour of the glass itself.

You don’t have to work in a period building to choose Dolls House for your glass wipe board. You may work in a modern office or want a glass writing board in a conference room with bright walls, where Dolls House will be just as ‘at home’. And talking of home, all our glass boards are made in our own UK workshops to the top specifications.

Choose from magnetic or not, big or small, to install on a wall, or freestanding. The Glass Wipe Board Company has a glass board in Dolls House to suit your setting. Just check out our website, twitter, facebook or call us to discover more on 01303 266200.