Glass Wipe Board Accessories – Pens, Magnets, Erasers

Posted 3 years ago by BowlPhish

Glass wipe board accessories from the Glass Wipe Board Company are little, but nice!

Each one of these little gems is perfect to go with any BowlPhish glass writing board. And most of them can be ordered online, if you prefer.


Anyone with a glass writing board will need wipeable pens. We have all the BowlPhish erasable pens you’ll need. Choose from packs of six liquid ink drymarker pens or our vibrant individual neon marker pens. If you have a magnetic glass board, we can supply you with individual magnetic pens in various colours as well as the magnetic version of the fabulous neon ink marker pens.


If you have a magnetic glass wipe board, check out our range of magnets. Use them to attach notes, reminders, photos, papers or even fabric to your glass board. They come in all shapes and colours! You can have our classic bottle magnet in eight colours. Or go large and order some jumbo bottle magnets, also available in eight fab colours. These will easily hold a much more to your glass wipe board than the smaller versions. Or we have disc magnets in seven shades. If you’re feeling brave, you could order some of our small, but fiendishly strong, silver cube magnets. All our magnets are fitted with felt protectors to prevent damage to your glass board.


Another vital accessory for your glass writing board is the BowlPhish eraser. Our unique and elegant clear acrylic eraser is perfect for wiping clean all your writing or drawings from the surface of the glass. The erasing pad itself is double sided, so you get double the amount of wiping clean. Of course we have packs of four refill pads for you to order, when you need them.

Pen trays

We have various acrylic, steel or magnetic pen trays for glass wipe boards, to keep pens and eraser tidy.

Order online or call 01303 266200 to order your glass wipe board accessories.