Freestanding FreeStyle Range

Posted 2 years ago by BowlPhish

Say goodbye to those flip charts and traditional whiteboards, and hello to our BowlPhish FreeStyle Range of freestanding glass wipe boards! The future of your presentation is set to get even better…

As the saying goes, the best things in life are… freestanding! Our distinctive mobile freestanding BowlPhish glass wipe boards are stylish, practical and extremely versatile.

Go wild with our amazing colour and magnetic options, and wheel them around the office to your heart’s content!

Freestyle One

On a quest for a sleek and snazzy freestanding glass wipe board? We’ve found the (FreeStyle) One for you.

The FreeStyle One is a true BowlPhish product of distinction. Make it your own office showstopper by personalising it with your own bespoke colour, or with one of our 24 vibrant colours.

Pin boards can be a thing of the past too, as these come in magnetic options. Simply stick your notes or important bits and pieces up with magnets for the chicest freestanding glass wipe boards around!

FreeStyle Ultra

Make your office space ultra useful and stylish with the FreeStyle Ultra! This wheely glass wipe board has robust castors and comes in four different sizes, as well as a range of colours (including any corporate or special colours) and finishes.

Its vigorous yet sleek build is perfect for those intense brainstorming and note writing sessions!

FreeStyle Up

The only way is (FreeStyle) Up! The FreeStyle Up is our newest BowlPhish addition, and is a tall, elegant and easily moveable glass wipe board.

The FreeStyle Up comes in 24 different colours (with special and bespoke shades available). The great thing about the FreeStyle Up is that multiple units can be used next to each other, and stacked down into a neat foot print to save space.

The coolest thing about the FreeStyle Up is that it can be combined with Glass Captcha to capture, share or even live stream anything you like.