Clerkenwell 2019

Posted 1 year ago by BowlPhish

Our take away from Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Last week saw the 10th anniversary of the Clerkenwell Design Week, during which the streets of Clerkenwell came alive again once more. A mix of visitors and temporary installations made sure that this event was another success story in their 10-year history.

Again, Clerkenwell highlighted existing and future talents and we were hoping to get some inspiration for the interior design of our new office space.

Trends we have picked up on:


An increase of designers, who, with their design also focus on sustainability, longevity and social responsibility; something close to our hearts too.

Biophilic Design 

A concept used to create a greater sense of well-being for the inhabitants or occupants of any building/indoor space by connecting them to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. This is something that has been increasingly visible when attending CDW over the years and it is no wonder, with increase of technology usages and work-related stress. We took away some great inspiration and can’t wait to home our first new plant within our office!

Work-booths, hubs and workstations

With an increase in companies wanting to offer practical co-working and agile workplaces, there has also been an increase with offer on place. We saw a variety of solutions to create a contemporary, flexible environment, that supports activity-based working.

We liked the idea of mobile frames that can be used to create different spaces and zones according to requirements at that moment in time. And nowadays, these don’t have to be partitions anymore. Why not use a mobile shelving unit, to give employees a bit more of a private feel when working on busy projects, but also being able to open up your space afterwards to create a feel of togetherness amongst colleagues!?

Summary/take away

With up to 90% of our time spend inside these days, it is more important than ever to make sure to offer your employees a happy as well as productive workplace. The tools are out there!

We even think, that some of this can be achieved by using our BowlPhish Glass Wipe Boards. Be bold and use our freestanding range to divide space, while offering a place of creativity and collaborating at the same time! If you prefer the work-pods, which are currently raising to fame, guess what, our wall-mounted glass wipe boards can be made bespoke to fit and suit your space, too.

Get in touch with us today, to find out more!!! The only thing we can’t offer (at least at the moment) is glass wipe boards that can be used as soft seating, which were represented in high numbers at Clerkenwell.

About Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, making it truly one of the most important design hubs in the world. To celebrate this rich and diverse community, Clerkenwell Design Week has created a showcase of leading UK and international brands and companies presented in a series of showroom events, exhibitions and special installations that take place across the area, for 10 years running.