Caribbean Turquoise glass

Posted 5 years ago by BowlPhish

After what seems like a long, wet winter, when the dull weather seems to make everything grey, here is something to lift your spirits.

Feast your eyes on this BowlPhish glass wipe board in Caribbean Turquoise. Does that not just remind you of clear tropical seas around a paradise island? Soak up that wonderful hue, close your eyes for a second… and you can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your back, hear the waves lapping on the beach and smell the pina colada.

Caribbean Turquoise is one of 24 exciting BowlPhish shades, brought to you by The Glass Wipe Board Company. They are all lovely in their way, but few others so easily transport you to another place and time, as Caribbean Turquoise does.

Whether you want your glass writing board to be magnetic or not, with hidden or aluminium fixings, freestanding or wall mounted, if you choose Caribbean Turquoise, you’ll bring a bit of paradise to your workplace, however grim the weather is outside.