BowlPhish Visible Glass Wipe Boards

Posted 2 years ago by BowlPhish

A cool whiteboard alternative, the BowlPhish Visible glass wipe board has sleek anodised aluminium fixings and comes in five smooth finishes: clear glass, clear magnetic glass, coloured glass, frosted glass and magnetic glass. It also comes in a range of size options (even bespoke!).

A BowlPhish Visible glass wipe board is the ultimate office must-have! Explore our awesome BowlPhish Visible glass wipe board creations below…

Visible Clear Glass

The BowlPhish Visible Clear glass wipe board has slick anodised aluminium fixings and performs like a regular whiteboard, but is a much more polished and minimalist alternative. Clear glass wipe boards will jazz up any environment, and are ideal for modern offices or even restaurants or bars! Its robust and impervious finish is easy to keep clean.

Visible Frosted Glass

A frosted glass wipe board is most definitely a cool addition to any work setting. The BowlPhish Visible Frosted Glass glass wipe board is available in a variety of different sizes (11 to be precise!) – even a bespoke size, and is useful for a number of things: from office planners, to sharing your ideas in that all important meeting. If you want to add a personal touch, our clear glass is sandblasted so you can add your own branding.

Visible Coloured Glass

A great way of enhancing your space and adding to your existing colour scheme, the BowlPhish Visible Coloured glass wipe board comes in 24 vibrant colours, or a colour of your choice! The Visible Coloured glass wipe board comes in 11 popular sizes!

Visible Magnetic Glass

For a sleek magnetic glass board, the BowlPhish Visible Magnetic glass wipe board comes equipped with elegant aluminium fixings. You can choose from 24 cool colours as well as a range of different sizes. Make your mark on your Visible Magnetic glass wipe board with bespoke and branded options!

Don’t forget that all our BowlPhish Glass Wipe Boards come with a lifetime surface guarantee! Contact us for more details on any of our glass writing boards!