A sustainable investment

Posted 2 years ago by BowlPhish

BowlPhish Glass Wipe Boards – a sustainable investment

Sustainable investment: “Sustainable investing is a broad term for investment approaches that consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and their impact…” 

Companies across industries have always been seeking evidence of the financial benefits of investing in sustainable products and the importance of sustainability for everybody involved has been on the up constantly. In addition, socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is gaining momentum and outgrowing the traditional investment market, which has grown by 25% globally since 2014 and strategies are factoring in some environmental, social and governance parameters.

But why are BowlPhish Glass Wipe Boards a sustainable investment? 

The Glass Wipe Board Company not only factures in the length of our product’s lifecycle, but also the sustainability of our production, transport and disposal.

While your traditional whiteboard may be cheaper to buy, it will also need to be replaced at an average of every 5 years. Just think of the amount of rubbish this adds up to. All of our glass writing boards on the other hand, come with a lifetime surface guarantee and really last from ‘cradle to grave’, as they are extremely durable and never stain. In case you no longer require your Bowlphish board, it is 99% recyclable and something we are happy to arrange for you.

What else?

But as we take sustainability seriously and are committed to it, The Glass Wipe Board Company also keeps looking at new technologies to improve the efficiency of our production process and to reduce the impact on the environment. Furthermore, we also ensure that we meet architects’ and contractors’ environmental criteria on new builds as well as refurbishments.

If you want to invest in a sustainable product that lasts a lifetime, the choice can only be a wall mounted or freestanding BowlPhish Glass Writing Board!