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The huddle Workspace Case Study

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How was the overall experience using the Huddle Workspace?

It was fantastic and really insightful. Working from home the past 6 months I had forgotten how valuable it is to see team members face-2-face and not just on a screen. And the creative energy that happens when you are in a room together and the ideas generation and discussion is much freer.

How did you find the facilities?

The Room itself is beautifully kitted out, light, and fresh. We didn’t get a chance to use all of them however using the glass wipe boards really helped myself and my colleagues with some collaborative work we needed to get done. It felt refreshing to be in the same space again with my colleagues and to come up with new ideas that we may have not been able to do on our own at home.

Having them available everywhere was awesome as we were able to use them for different themes / topics / or sneaky game of hangman.

Would you consider using The Huddle Workspace again?

Yes definitely, it is a great space to collaborate in whether it is Covid or not. The space is light, fresh, fully equipped, and spacious. It is great especially as our organisation has already ended the lease of our current office and is downsizing to a much smaller hub office. This space would allow team members to collaborate safely without having to worry and with all the equipment set up.

Overall, are satellite offices something you would consider for collaborative projects or tasks?

Most definitely especially as more people are working from home a satellite office makes much more sense for businesses and also helps with flexible working benefits for employees.