Smartmarker Complete

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Smartmarker Complete

When it comes to presentation, the presenter AND the audience benefit from it being on a BowlPhish glass wipe board. But now you don’t need to lose all those bright ideas when the drywipe marker is wiped away from your glass white board.

By combining our BowlPhish glass boards with the Equil Smartmarker we’ve created Glass Captcha. The Equil Smartmarker combined with any BowlPhish glass board allows you to capture, save, share, review, amend and print the information you have written or images you have drawn in your presentation on your BowlPhish glass board. Having Glass Captcha present in meetings makes your shared whiteboard smart - and your audience won’t need take photos of it on their mobile phones.

Package Content: 1 Sensor, 4 Smart Marker Sleeve, 1 Multi Charging Cradle, 1 Big Eraser, 1 USB Dongle, 1 Cradle, 1 Cradle Top Case, 1 User Manual, 1 Quick Guide, 1no. 3m Cable, 1 Sensor Magnet Plate, 4 Expo Marker (4 colours), 2 Sensor Magnetic Plates, 1 AC-DC Adaptor, 1no. 1.5m Cable, 4 Big Eraser Felt, 8 Small Eraser Felt, 2 Big Eraser Magnet Plate, 1 Multicharging Cradle Quick Guide